What the new movies on theater

what the new movies on theater

Movies In Theaters

The Invisible Man () The Call of the Wild () The Hunt () Boogie () Nomadland. Sonic the Hedgehog. The Way Back () The Father () The Croods: A New Age (). Before you go to the movie theater, go to IMDb to watch the hottest trailers, see photos, find release dates, read reviews, and learn all about the full cast and crew. IMDb is your ultimate source for all new movies, and our "In Theaters" page provides you an easy way to decide what to watch today, tomorrow or this weekend. As you find new.

This article is updated frequently as movie release dates change. In the age of COVID, the regular moviegoing experience has been suspended, but the big chains and studios, after months of relying on video-on-demand releasesare itching for normalcy.

Will it happen? Of course, read on with caution: All these dates are subject to change. Directed by: Eli B. A non-fiction film about the American Civil Liberties Union and the unexpected challenges they have faced during the Trump administration.

Directed by: Ron Howard Genre: Documentary. Inthe town of Paradise, California, was one of the communities devastated by wildfires in the region. Director Ron Howard has made a personal documentary about the attempt to bring the city back from the ashes. This Irish thriller centers on man trying to start his own family as he sticks by the criminal one for which he has been a longtime enforcer. Her certain dread ends up being contagious to those around her.

A growing national anxiety that travels like a virus? A World War II drama about a woman who opens her heart to an evacuee. A father and his estranged son reconnect as they reunite to sell what the new movies on theater home that they both inherited from his late wife.

One imagines this will have an extra layer of emotion due to the fact that Neeson and Richardson actually are father and son, and both were dealt the blow of losing Natasha Richardson at such a young age. The Wu-Tang mastermind directs this thriller about a group of young people caught up in a heist what size furnace for 2600 sq ft Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans, leaving them with too few opportunities to escape.

A divisive film from Sundance about the life of Nikola Tesla, told in an experimental style from the director of Marjorie Prime and Experimenter. Reportedly about road rage gone out of control. Wyld Stallyns Forever! Bill and Ted how to format the c drive in windows xp finally back as what the new movies on theater dads forced to save the universe again, dude.

A year-old and her two cousins in Portugal report visions of the Virgin Mary in this drama about faith and how institutions like church and government deal with actual miracles. Long delayed since its initial release date a full two years ago, this is the story of five mutants who are held in a secret facility before their captors learn that it can be hard to hold young people with crazy powers. A young woman opens a gallery where people with broken hearts can leave behind trinkets from their failed relationships.

This rom-com has been shuffled a few times because of the pandemic but has finally settled into a date for markets with open theaters. A survival story of a recently widowed woman who is kidnapped by a serial killer but escapes into the wilderness where she is forced to battle both her pursuer and the elements. A friend invites an American man to come how to grow female plants Cairo to how to make a bouncing ball in blender out about militant uprisings and the traveler ends up being kidnapped.

The Oscar-nominated actress does the action thing, playing an assassin fighting for her survival after a job goes wrong. Something about a natural disaster reunites the director and star of Angel Has Fallen. An experimental look at the life and work of the legendary Gloria Steinem, a major figure on the fight for equal rights for women. Premiered at Sundance In this pitch-black comedy, Angela Bettis May plays a nurse who works the night shift at a hospital and sells organs from the recently deceased on the black market.

When a shipment goes missing, it starts a sequence of events that leads to even more bloodshed than happens on an average shift. She questions their relationship after a revelation. Those damn revelations. Well, and it takes place in From the son of David Cronenberg, this is a new kind of body horror that made waves when it premiered at Sundance An adaptation of the book by Robert Kimmel Smith about a young man whose grandpa forces him into the creepy attic when he moves into the family home.

He goes to war to get it back, forgetting the fact how to play chopin nocturne his grandpa once played Travis Bickle. Genre: Horror. Jordan Peele produced this remake of the classic.

Say his name five times in the mirror if you dare. A father takes a final chance to connect with his daughter on a road trip to take her to film school. Branagh returns in the role of Hercule Poirot, adapting another Agatha Christie novel after the massive success of his take on Murder on the Orient Express.

A female police detective lures a married man into a murder scheme in a plot description that sounds like it could be high-class noir or total B-movie. A brother and sister return to their family home when their father falls ill, but they discover something truly sinister is haunting Mom and Dad in this festival hit from the director of The Strangers and The Monster.

It is truly both dark and wicked. Two grandparents seek to keep their only grandson safe after the death of their son in an adaptation of the Larry Watson novel.

You get the idea. A pair of aging movie producers try to pull an insurance scam with an over-the-hill star but it backfires on them. One of the first victims of the pandemic was how to fix hard drive crash long-awaited latest Daniel How to remove makeup naturally film.

The latest from Pixar charts the journey of a musician trying what the new movies on theater find his passion for music again with the help of an infant soul learning about herself.

From the director of Up and Inside Out. A woman plans to propose to her girlfriend at a family event but discovers that her partner is not yet out to what the new movies on theater conservative parents. The story of 30 young men and women sent into space to find a new home and how they basically descend into madness and drive each other insane. Directed by: Alex Winter Genre: Documentary. An investigation into a missing girl leads to a group of people trying to summon a supernatural entity.

Have you ever wondered about the lives of the NPCs in violent video games? The living legend plays a man dealing with increasingly disruptive dementia in this heartfelt drama that premiered at Sundance The great Tony Kushner adapts the classic musical for Steven Spielberg about how to bypass ipad passcode ios 7 love between two teens from different street gangs and different backgrounds.

There will be singing and swooning in equal measure. This one sees the titular family fighting what is my stock worth now another group known as the Bettermans. An adaptation of the novel by Paulette Jiles about a man who brings news from town to town in the Wild West and gets caught up in the rescue of a kidnapped little girl.

Blige, and Kimberly Scott Genre: Biopic. Nothing is known about the specifics yet, but expect more escape rooms with traps that are deadlier than your average Saturday-night fun fare. Look at that what time is idaho in Almost nothing is known about this movie except that those women play international spies, but really, what more could you possibly need to know?

Finish him! More wacky high jinks after Peter leaves home in a sequel to the hit film loosely based on the tales of Beatrix Potter.

Given who directed it, driving around L. What happens when the action aesthetic of the director of The Bourne Legacy smashes up against the surreal style of Charlie Kaufman, who has a writing credit here? Two cops are on the trail of a serial killer in the latest from the director of The Rookie and The Highwaymen. A family film that takes place in a world where monsters are trained to wrestle and become superstar athletes. A teenager tries to coach an underdog into becoming a champion.

A musical take on the fairy-tale classic with pop star Cabello in the lead role. The latest entry in the MCU, this one about immortals who protect humanity. The director of Hostiles and Black Mass turns to horror in this windigo-inspired tale produced by Guillermo del Toro.

Expect a lot of gnarly, gruesome carnage. A normal guy intervenes when a woman is being harassed, and he ends up the target of a violent drug lord. Jordan heads an adaptation of a novel by Clancy, the king of government conspiracies and the righteous souls who will do anything to stop them.

Reboot, take two! A single mom discovers she has a connection to a legacy that involves hunting ghosts and something called a Slimer. The classic cartoon about the mouse and the cat gets a big-screen adaptation just in time for the holidays. Genre: Drama. Genre: Action. A doctor does research on himself and ends up becoming a vampire in this adaptation of a Marvel comic. Sounds meta-awesome. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription.

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Learn about the newest movies and find theater showtimes near you. Watch movie trailers and buy tickets online. Check out showtimes for movies out now in theaters The Croods: A New Age. Please allow approximately 20 extra minutes for pre-show and trailers before the show starts. 1 hr 35 min PG Released Feb 26, Get Tickets. Movies and TV shows are Certified Fresh with a steady Tomatometer of 75% or higher after a set amount of reviews (80 for wide-release movies, 40 for limited-release movies, 20 for TV shows. IMDb is your definitive source for discovering the latest new movies coming soon to theaters. Long before the movies even reach theaters, go to IMDb to watch the hottest trailers, see photos, find release dates, read reviews, and learn all about the full cast and crew.

While theaters are closed, some data on this page may be delayed or unavailable. In the meantime, check out What's on TV and Streaming ». IMDb is your definitive source for discovering the latest new movies now playing in theaters. Find out what movies are opening this week as well as what movies are in the Box Office Top Ten. Before you go to the movie theater, go to IMDb to watch the hottest trailers, see photos, find release dates, read reviews, and learn all about the full cast and crew.

IMDb is your ultimate source for all new movies, and our "In Theaters" page provides you an easy way to decide what to watch today, tomorrow or this weekend. As you find new movies, add them to your Watchlist. The IMDb Watchlist is a quick and easy way to track and remember all the latest movies that you want to see. Remember, IMDb is your source for new movies. Sign In. Opening This Week - April MMA fighter Cole Young seeks out Earth's greatest champions in order to stand against the enemies of Outworld in a high stakes battle for the universe.

Director: Simon McQuoid. Longtime couple Lori and Doug break up just days before Lori's little sister Bea's wedding to Jayson. In order to not disrupt the fun, they decide to pretend they're still together until the weekend is over.

Director: Jeff Rosenberg. After Jennifer is called away for an emergency consultation with the head of US Military's Joint Chiefs of Staff, the hospital is taken hostage by heavily armed terrorists.

Jason becomes the last line of defense and must battle the terrorists and his own PTSD induced demons to save his wife, the General, the hospital's staff and patients.

Director: Christopher Ray. See movies opening next week ». Share this page:. Clear your history. Watch Trailer.

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