What size engine do i need for my boat

How to Choose an Outboard Motor

What size engine do i need for my boat

what size engine do i need for my boat

How to Determine the Outboard Motor Size for Your Boat

Feb 11,  · Our experts answer your important outboard motor questions. By Steve Griffin. Updated: February 11, More Boats. Boats. G3 SunCatcher Select RC. Boats. Bentley Pontoons Bentley Navigator. Boats. Princecraft Vogue 25 RL Sport. Boats. Silver Wave SW3 CLS. Boats. 7 rows · Jan 24,  · 2hp – 4hp Outboard Motors (Usually weigh under 19 kg) Small outboards are common for portable boats.

TGIF How are you spending this weekend? The boats you look at should be rated for the maximum horsepower they can handle, and this is always the amount you should aim for.

In fact, Discover Boating reports that most often, low horsepower enngine the reason people experience a disappointing ride experience when they go out on the water. What size engine do i need for my boat to your dealer about the largest motor possible and go with that.

Bigger motors and higher horsepower have a long list of benefits when it comes to boating. Bigger motors provide better handling, especially at midrange speeds. In rough weather, engune motors waht prove particularly wwhat, giving you more control and security in choppy conditions.

Another perk of a larger motor is, counterintuitively, the fact that it uses less fuel, according to Discover Boating. A motor that is too small will struggle to power the boat and will, therefore, eat up significantly more nneed.

A larger motor may have a bigger fuel tank, but it will go through this fuel more slowly, as it is not struggling to power a boat that is too heavy. What you should keep in mind, however, are official regulations.

According to Formula Boats. The manufacturer should be following federal guidelines to determine the maximum horsepower capacity, and that number should be listed for you on the boat. According to Discover Boating, you should be wary of how to fix a starter motor boat with a smaller motor that seems to do well during a test ride.

Take note of the fact that during your test ride, you will probably have a limited number of passengers, and fof have no extra wuat, food, or sporting gear. You may not even have a full fuel tank. All of these factors lighten the load, making it so the watercraft can perform decently even with fewer horsepower. Horsepower can range anywhere from 2. Choosing the appropriate engine size for your boat will make it that much easier for you to enjoy your time out on the water.

How to choose an appropriately sized engine for your boat

Jun 12,  · My does a lot better but still isn't super fast. I actually do better with my older hp Evinrude since its so much lighter and I don't need to carry the 75lb battery. I have a Honda 10hp, it's an older Honda 4 stroke, it runs great but outweighs my Johnson 25 hp. I wouldn't even consider hanging it on my 12' boat. Jun 14,  · Typically a 35hp would be the largest "I" would suggest on a 16ft, but all that info is on the transum of your boat. Weight limit, max outboard size recomended. My Mercury 25hp long shaft weight is lbs. Be safer to go with a 25hp motor.

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What size motor for 12 ft V-hull Aluminum boat? Thread starter bowman Start date Mar 23, Joined Oct 21, Messages 1, I have a 12 ft Simple Aluminum slight V-Hull boat, and want to use this boat to run up river, this river can get quite a current when water is running. So what size engine would have enough power to get up a fast current? I was looking for a 9. And the beam is about ft wide. Joined Nov 29, Messages 1, Re: What size motor for 12 ft V-hull Aluminum boat?

Not knowing the size of the river and what the current is, I can't say for sure, but most 12' boats do fine with a 6-or-so. But if your boat is rated for it, I would go with the 9.

A small aluminum will really scoot with a 9. This is the Susquehanna river, at the Head of the Chesapeake bay. It is about a mile wide, But there is a dam upriver, and when they release water, it may be a 5 MPH current, maybe more. I had a 2 50 lb thrust trolling motor's on there, and had both going and was just staying still in the current. Joined Sep 18, Messages 2, Here's a good thread For trolling motors you can guess at about 1hp for every 35 "pounds of thrust.

So a 6hp will just barely creep you over the speed of the current. It may not plane your boat well, either, but I have no reason to say that other than a guess. You will likely plane out about 10 to ish mph with the 9. That is my opinion. Mileage may vary CATransplant Admiral. Joined Feb 26, Messages 6, Almost all v-hull 12' boats are rated for 10 hp, so I'd get the 9. It'll plane you out, and that's the key to going upriver. With the six, not so much.

I use my 6hp on the Mississippi, though, up here in Minnesota. I avoid the river when there's a lot of current, since it's a drag running against it. I think that would get the job done, But you never hear anything about honda engines, Idk if they are good or not. Joined Jul 14, Messages 2, And too much weight. Joined Aug 10, Messages 14, Go with the max you can. Best for fighting currents and some reserve power.

The difference in fuel is hardly noticeable. Joined Aug 12, Messages 5, Had a 12' tinny with an old '64 9. With just me in th boat and the eight spread out just right it would really move out. Joined Mar 9, Messages I used to run a 12ft with a 6 hp, and always wished I had something like a 9.

If you find a killer deal on a 6 hp though you should be okay. Bard1 Petty Officer 1st Class. Joined Nov 25, Messages Joined Mar 19, Messages 3, I have a 12' Duranautic V hull, it runs along ok with a 6 hp Johnson on it but struggles in anything but the very least amount of current with two passengers.

I'm close to lbs, and add a passenger and some tackle, and were pushing lbs, it moves the boat but not very fast. I actually do better with my older 9. I have a Honda 10hp, it's an older Honda 4 stroke, it runs great but outweighs my Johnson 25 hp. I wouldn't even consider hanging it on my 12' boat. I believe their 7. I'd go with no less than the 9.

The best thing I did to mine was to put the 15hp carb on my 9. My Duranautic is rated for 10hp max and lbs. Just to add a small note: The 6 hp I use is fine for me, since I'm almost always on small lakes. I use it on the river, but only when I'm by myself. If you're going to mostly do river fishing, I'd definitely go with the 9. You'll be glad you did. This would be for duck hunting in the winter on islands up in the rocky shallow part of the river. Somewhere I would never take my glass boat.

Shizzy Ensign. Joined Aug 5, Messages I have a 6HP in my 14'er. Joined Jun 11, Messages Hello What is the motor rating for the boat? It is all the motor I want on it. Once in a while I use it up in maine on a river with a strong tidal flow. It seems to handle the currant OK.

Tacklewasher Lieutenant Commander. Joined Sep 18, Messages 1, You must log in or register to reply here.

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