What country is the netherlands

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What country is the netherlands

what country is the netherlands


Apr 16,  · Netherlands, country located in northwestern Europe, also known as Holland. The country is low-lying and remarkably flat, with large expanses of lakes, rivers, and canals. Some 2, miles of the Netherlands consist of reclaimed land, the result of a process of careful water management dating back to medieval times. Feb 24,  · The Netherlands is a country located in Northwestern Europe. It is geographically positioned both in the Northern and Eastern hemispheres of the Earth. The Netherlands is bordered by Germany in the east; and Belgium in the south. It is bounded by the North Sea in the north and west. The Netherlands shares its maritime borders with UK and France.

The country covers a total area of 41, sq. Low rolling hills cover some of the central areas, and in the far south, the land rises into the foothills of the Ardennes Mountains. Vaalserberg, the country's highest point is located there, rising to m 1, ft. A yellow upright triangle marks its position on the map.

It is found where the Netherlands meets Germany and Belgium. These barrier islands, separated from the mainland by the Waddenzee, provide a small level of protection from the North Sea. The Netherlands is crossed by hundreds of miles what country is the netherlands navigable canals. One of the most important is the North Sea Canal, as it enables ocean-going ships to reach the port of Amsterdam.

Satellite picture here! Water, water everywhere, as the central and southern Netherlands are positioned at the delta of four major rivers, including the Rijn, Mass, Scheldt and Waal. The lowest point in the country is 'Nieuwekerk aan den Ijssel' at 6,76 m how to convert ipd files sea level.

An inverted triangle marks its position on the map above. The Netherlands is divided into 12 administrative regions or provinces provincies, singular - provincie. These provinces are further subdivided into municipalities gemeenten. The three overseas special municipalities namely, Bonaire, Saba and Sint Eustatius in the What country is the netherlands Netherlands, are not part of any province.

With more than 3. Located in the western part of the country, in North Holland province is, Amsterdam — the capital and the most populous city of Netherlands. Amsterdam is the major cultural, commercial and economic hub of the country, with the Port of Amsterdam being the 5 th largest port in Europe. Situated in the western part of the country, in South Holland province, The Hague is the administrative center of the country and houses the important government institutions of Netherlands, as well as the International Court of Justice.

The Netherlands is a country located in Northwestern Europe. It is geographically positioned both in the Northern and Eastern hemispheres of the Earth. The Netherlands is bordered by Germany in the east; and Belgium in the south. It is bounded by the North Sea in the north and west. The Netherlands shares its maritime borders with UK and France. Netherlands Bordering How to tie a one handed bowline knot : BelgiumGermany.

Regional Maps : Map of Europe. The Netherlands is a sovereign nation in northwest Europe. The outline map above represents the country. It can be downloaded, printed, and used for coloring or geography education. The Netherlands is a country in northwestern Europe with a coastline on the North Sea to the north. The country occupies territory on mainland Europe as well as has several islands in the North Sea. This page was last updated on February 24, Home Europe Netherlands.

Outline Map Key Facts Flag. Four Corners, United States. The 10 Least Populated Countries in Africa. Indiana Territory. Northwest Territory. George's Channel.


The Netherlands is a small country sandwiched between Belgium and Germany in Western Europe. The North Sea, located to the north and west of the Netherlands, is continually battering the land. The. 19 rows · Country: Netherlands: Continent: Europe: Where is Located: Netherlands is a country located.

Internationally, the Dutch are known to be rather direct in their approach. We simply call that honesty and openness. We like to complain, especially about the weather, but we also find creative and innovative solutions for everything. Some Is that a lot? Yes, the Netherlands is not only the most densely populated country in the EU, but one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Dutch is the official language in the Netherlands. You will of course make a good impression on your holiday if you can already speak a few words.

It most closely resembles German. A second Dutch language is also spoken in the province of Friesland: Frisian. Besides this officially recognised regional language, there are also dialects and other regional languages.

No talent for language? No problem, because most Dutch people speak English and often a bit of German or French as well. The Dutch flag is a horizontal tricolour of red, white and blue. On King's Day and Liberation Day , it looks as if everyone in the Netherlands has put up their flags. Many Dutch people also raise a flag when their child has passed their final exams, with a school bag on the mast. And when the king is at home, the flag flies above his palace.

It is customary to lower the flag at sunset. On Remembrance Day , all the flags hang at half-mast. Since , the Netherlands has been a kingdom, officially called the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

His wife, Queen Maxima, is present on many official occasions and she also has her own duties. The royal family is loved by many Dutch people. The King's birthday is celebrated throughout the country on 27 April. It is a real Orange celebration! Read more about the Royal Family or discover Royal Netherlands. A favourite topic of conversation for the Dutch is the weather. There are all kinds of words for 'rain', from miezer drizzle to pijpenstelen pipe stems, cats and dogs.

In summer, it can be warm and in winter it can snow and freeze. The changing weather also creates beautiful landscapes, such as the fresh green pastures with grazing cows and some impressive clouds in the sky. That's the Netherlands! But you can also discover hills and dunes, wetlands and high moorlands, ancient forests and even mountains in our country.

Visit the different provinces and the many nature reserves. The Netherlands has a strong connection with water. It has over kilometres of coastline bordering the North Sea.

Three major rivers cross the country: the Rhine, the Meuse and the Scheldt. No less than 4, km of navigable rivers, canals and lakes. It's a miracle we still have dry feet here. And that has not always been the case! For centuries, the Netherlands has been battling with water: with dikes, waterworks and reclamation projects. In order to create extra living space and agricultural land, a whole new province has been reclaimed from the water: Flevoland. But we also enjoy water sports and beautiful wetlands.

Go to the Hollandstory Water. The Dutch Caribbean refers to three 'special municipalities' of the Netherlands: the islands of Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba, which are located in the Caribbean Sea. Until , all the islands together formed the Netherlands Antilles, a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Dutch love football and the national 'Orange' team in particular. Read more about the national sport here.

Bitterballen, stroopwafels and other typically Dutch foods. Discover our top 5 and eat like a local. Skip to content Skip to menu Skip to search. Fun facts about the Netherlands. Did you know that the Netherlands is the most densely populated country in Europe?

Is it true that the Dutch really eat so much cheese? What about the football madness, all those flapping flags on 27 April and the famous 'fight against the water'?

Read the facts and trivia about our country, the royal family and things you might notice during your visit. Speaking a few words Dutch Dutch is the official language in the Netherlands.

The Royal Family. Pastures and cloudy skies A favourite topic of conversation for the Dutch is the weather. Cycling through the polders in Friesland. Walking along the heaths in NP Sallandse Heuvelrug. Dutch and the water. The difference between the Netherlands and Holland and other riddles Watch this video: The Netherlands vs.

Although we Dutch call our country 'the Netherlands', abroad it is better known as 'Holland'. But that is not right! Watch the video, and you find out why. Almost a third of the Netherlands is below sea level.

The Dutch are the tallest people in the world. More sheep than people live on the Wadden Island of Texel. Amsterdam is built entirely on piles and has bridges. The Netherlands has the highest museum density in the world. Dutch people eat an average of Read more. Holidays and special events in the Netherlands 1 Jan.

Carnival in Holland Through Mar. Easter in Holland Through Apr. Modified King's Day in All of Holland. Liberation Day All of Holland. Sinterklaas Through Dec. Traditional food Tasting beer and jenever: the best tips. Discover the history of these traditional and typically Dutch drinks. Practical information. Visit the Netherlands from home. Find inspiration. Getting around in Holland.

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