What can we do for india

11 Free Things to Do in India

What can we do for india

what can we do for india

How To Return to India – A Step by Step Guide

Mar 27,  · What can we do for India? Friday, 27 March | Chittarvu raghu It’s perplexing that when China is still in lockdown, work has resumed on infrastructure projects in Tibet. India . If we, as students, can do our little bit in these two fields, we are contributing much to the betterment and progress of India. Another field we can concentrate on is cleanliness and its awareness. We can conduct Cleanliness Campaign frequently in our localities.

Crime Records in India are pending for ages. Also every judgement will have an option what can we do for india come out of it. In order to avoid any crime the penalty for each crime should be severe and immediate, and no option should be given as an alternative how can i convert avi to mp4 the judgement finalized. Every individual who committed crime must undergo the severe punishments, which will not allow the any other person in the country to commit the same crime.

Image Source. India is now in the trend of rape. Every day in the paper we read at least an average of 2 incidents of rape.

There has been no reduction in these cases. Men attempting do not fear of anything. Men should be scared even to touch a women when this is the case. Any kind of eve teasing should also have severe punishments to avoid any sexual harassment.

Corruption is our major threat. Every year we come across a major scam and multiple crores are in picture in such scams. However people forget as the year passes, reason being there are no judgements given for such, which allows people to perform such scams as they wish. As mentioned above, there should be immediate judgement and severe punishment for the corruption, which should dare people to get into the world of corruption.

Black Money — In India, Black money refers to funds earned on the black market, on which income and other taxes have not been paid. The total amount of black money deposited in foreign banks by Indians is unknown. If every Indian takes up the responsibility to pay the Real tax promptly and effectively, the money which is supposed to be utilized for India development will be utilized efficiently and India do not have to look forward from other World Organizations. No citizen must work less than a certain amount of daily wages.

Currently we do have Minimum Wages Act which is not effectively followed by the employers. You can check the daily minimum wages for dog coffins how to make region in this online website: paycheck. The long-term aim of a minimum wage is to remove the problem of poverty paywhich exists when the earnings from paid work do not result in a living wage and fail to push people out of poverty.

There will be no citizen in the country below poverty line. India is supposed to be a Green India however when we enter any hi tech city we see only buildings and no trees. As a result there is pollution, no rain and people end up with suffering from unknown diseases. Every individual should take up responsibility of having a tree per house at least to make India a Green India. They should be given fair right to make that decision. Also, it will reduce the corruption as funds are not centralized in one place.

Transportation is a major issue in multiple states of India. Metros are having such facilities, however not every village in India have a metro. In order to make India a developed country the transportation system should be proper, neat and fair. This is one of the difficult task to look for.

There are spit marks, urine, vulgar graffiti, random garbage and overflowing sewers at every nook and corner of India. NO city in this country has managed to fight the menace.

It is easy to pin everything on the government, but people must first question themselves and their own civic sense. Roads are not dirty because nobody cleaned it, but because somebody dirtied it in the first place. Civic sense is nothing but social ethics. Even swine flu, which is quickly spreading across the country, was caused by the absence of hygiene.

I mage Source. Recommendation and Reservations are making the skilled and eligible people to move away from what they are supposed to do. Every talented individual is eliminated just because of the system of recommendation and reservations from higher and known people. All Indians should be treated as one. Most of the accidents are due to undisciplined traffic.

Time is something which is making us not to follow the rules. Best way is to start early and follow the rules to avoid accidents and more delay in what can we do for india by not following the rules.

What can we do for india you ever seen a neat and clean public toilet in any of the bus stations? This is something which lies in our hands and the government. Every individual should ensure the toilet is ready for others to use when you leave. Government should ensure we have a neat, clean, hygienic public toilets for use.

Day in and Day out we need to work with multiple departments with the government. Of course everyone knows that the response in government offices and drastically less compared to private companies. Every government agent should take up the responsibility and accountability to do their work promptly and effectively.

Every year we have multiple engineers and doctors coming out of India. Efficient individuals leave the country and provide their expertise in other countries, which makes Indians to reach out to other country for services given by Indians outside India.

What is the condition of our major rivers of India? We need to have clean and neat water bodies in India. Responsibility lies with every Indian and the government.

Do not throw garbage in the water bodies, it is not a dustbin. Agriculture is the back bone of India. Most priority should be given to agriculture and farmers to make India a developed country. And the generation of farmers look forward for IT rather than agriculture. Priority for agriculture will help in maintaining our back bone steady.

Public Health care are not as effective as private health care. And the private health care is not affordable for every being in India. Government should take extensive measures of having effective and affordable public health care which is accessible at every part of India.

The literacy rate in India stands at The understanding of every part of what we do can how to start a bailiff business achieved only though education. And this education should be proper and the result should be effective.

Pollution is another major threat. Everywhere there are pollution, especially in cities, air pollution, water pollution etc. Eradicating pollution will be a difficult task, but controlling the pollution what state is lebanon in in the hands of each individual and the government. Again a difficult task to look forward. Nowadays every product we use is a foreign product, sometimes we do not realise which is Indian product and which is foreign made.

Every field is losing efficient resources due to corruption. Especially sports field. The selection of players are not done in a fair manner for most of the sports which is making us lose multiple gold medals in international level games. Corrective and Fair decision should be made in in Sports and other fields.

Every Indian should be responsible enough, not to dirty your own nation. Clean up your own mess and the nation will be clean by itself. Ensure your surroundings are clean and neat and you should not be the factor of littering on roads and in public places. India should be in a state where a woman should be able to walk alone at will even what can make your iron low night times.

There should be no threat to her from the society. Government is bringing up multiple plans to make India a developed country, however everything in vain. This what kind of flavored condoms are there due the stage where the implementation of such plans are not effective. Major reason is due to corruption and scams. If the plans proposed are implemented successfully as expected, India will become a developed country soon.

Bribery is one of the major reasons keeping India still a developing country. Giver and taker are responsible for such crimes. This should be considered as a huge crime and punishment should be severe.

Giving to the Traffic police for not wearing helmet has become a fashion nowadays. All such activities should be controlled and bribery should be eradicated. Friday, April how to download rpg maker games, Advertising Guest Posts Contact Us. Sign in. Forgot your password?

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Do not give or take things with your left hand

Sep 30,  · Here is what you can do to fulfill your part in making India a better place. 1. Say no to bribe The biggest complaint that most Indians have is that a large amount of the money apportioned for their business is spent on trying to bribe people to let them go through with the projects. Originally Answered: What can we do to make India clean? Consume sensibly and try to minimise the waste output from your household. Carry a cloth bag when you go grocery shopping next time Save all the cloth bags and paper bags that you get outside, and use these bags instead of buying new ones. Nov 03,  · 5 Reasons to return to India, no matter what – Your H1 B visa is in the last stages and you no longer have any visibility to stay in the USA. – The Green Card (GC) has been processed and you have to relocate to India for a year as you no longer have a valid visa to stay in the USA. – L1 visa expiration and the company wants you back in India.

I had moved to the USA about 5 years back and I was at first reluctant to come to this foreign land leaving behind my family, friends, job and all that belongs to me. But I made this decision with great courage and started our new life with lots of excitement and hope. This might be the case with many of you readers who would have come here for a better job, quality of life, education etc. And there can be a set of readers who are in a dilemma whether they should wind up and go back to their homeland after staying here for considerable amount of time.

Join the Return to India Group. For those who are seriously considering going back to India will definitely find this article interesting and useful. Well, I hope so. In short, you will want your kids to grow in India.

S — We have a Telegram group where both folks who have returned to India and is planning to return to India huddle together sharing information that is useful to all. If you want to join, use this group invite link. Here are few of the conditions that leaves with no option but to move back to India. Returning to India R2I is not a simple task. There is a lot of thinking and decisions to be made before you come to a conclusion. Also, a lot of facts have to be kept in mind before you move back.

Things may not be as similar as it was when you left the country. India is a developing country and there are a couple of states which has already taken the shape of some of the big cities in the USA. Hence, you may be culturally shocked at first. Never mind, you will get used to it. India is not what you would have seen 10 years or even 1 year back. Of course, the quality of life cannot be compared to what you get here in the USA.

You would have a stressful week but most of you would have a peaceful weekend with family. The work environment has not changed drastically. Still, you will have bossy managers and colleagues slogging for 14 hours a day. Traffic has increased so much that you will live half of your life stuck in horrendous traffic.

The population is directly related to pollution. The social circle meetups will not be so frequent. For example: in the US, you will have your friends for each and everything. You have a doubt, you can call any of your friends for help. But in India, you will have to figure out a way on your own.

In India, I have heard that it is impossible to survive with a single income especially when you have kids to raise. Because of the cost of living which has gone through the roof. Hence, you should plan in such a way that both husband and wife lands a job as soon as they settle in India. People who have been here for more than a year will have lots of tasks to complete before leaving. Here are few of the items that you need to keep in mind before leaving the country:.

Every community management would be waiting to pounce on you and charge a penalty for not giving them enough notice period. If you do not have plans to continue with the same company with whom you were working before. Also, it is also important to have a long-term investment in India for example, savings from the Indian salary so that you can take a short break if you want. I have heard this from some of my friends that the work in the US is so stressful that they all want to take a break after going back to India.

A friend of mine waited until the last week to sell her car and at the end, she had to sell off the car to a dealer that too for loss. If you wait and the days come closer to your travel dates, you will end up selling the car, house, and any other bigger assets in a loss.

These are the items which you would not want to take it along with you to India. Of course, the shipping cost will definitely be higher. Hence, it is easier to dispose of the items which are irrelevant to carry. There are also donation boxes available in nook corners of the cities where you can dispose of items. It is very important to do that to avoid any sort of fraudulent activity. If you have a kid who goes to school, a very wise decision needs to be taken.

It is an additional responsibility to move around the time when the academic year starts in India. I do have a couple of friends who have kids born in the US.

Basically, they are US citizens. It is also essential to submit a registration application to extend the stay in India which has to be done within the first 30 days after the expiration of 60 days of stay in India. Always update your address details especially with the IRS. If you stayed in the US for more than 10 to 15 years, you would have earned a significant amount of credit scores and hence, the US Government will send you the check wherever you are.

If you have made your mind to relocate to India and you have plenty of stuff to ship too. It is not an easy task and you need a cart load of patience and persuasiveness. You will find details of all the movers and shipping companies and their best quotes in the link here.

Always make sure you have bought boxes of same sizes from your nearest U-Haul. Items which are not a good idea to ship to India :.

Moreover, through FDI many of the big retailers have stepped into the Indian market. For example, Walmart has already set up its store in Punjab.

It is always good to be familiar with the laws in India before shipping your items. Most electronic items attract customs duty in India. Bring your small electronic stuff with you and avoid shipping it. You can refer this link for further details.

Most of the professional packers and movers provide insurance to the damage and loose of items. This is only if the items are packed by them personally. If the packing is done by yourself, then the insurance is provided only to the lost items. It does not cover the damage items. Related: Best bank accounts for NRIs. Moving to India is not an easy task. It is a factor that concerns every individual in the family. Now, what is that one important factor that concerns everybody?

To be more precise, it is the financial factors. The primary financial concern for these families is to see that they are able to transfer and consolidate their investments to India. Whatever money you have saved in the USA…. Do not have an NRI account? Create one soon. Also, I have seen my friends who had moved to India and they had kept some money in the US account for about a year just in case they want to move and come back to the US.

Of course, you have to think of both the situations. What is a k plan? It helps the employees to save a piece of their paychecks before the tax is calculated. Some people believe that k plan is wise and useful for Green Card holders and citizens and has nothing to do with the H1 b Visa holders.

But that is not true. It is actually helpful for H1 B visa holders as well. It is tax-free and free money. And I am sure, many of my readers would have thought about the k plan and might have as well enrolled. Those of you have enrolled will probably enjoy seeing those savings increase each year. Related: Best personal loans for NRIs. Withdrawing the money before the maturity period would be a headache but if you are patient enough and ready to wait, you may get your money in a year.

Also, keep in mind that this money does not go into your savings account but invested directly into stocks and bonds which might go down when you are looking to head back to India. Hence you need to make sure you move back at the right time. General life in the US is pretty cool and comfortable. Things are not dirty and dusty as you may see in India.

You will miss those clear and clean roads which had litter barrels on the roads and well-built rest areas. You will miss your social circle, those weekends, and long road trips with your friends which gave you complete cut off from the work. When we move to another place, people behave differently. It takes us time to get used to the new behavior. You will miss the beautiful parks and lakes in the US where you go to take stroll or jog in the evenings.

There is more time for your hobbies and also good time can be dedicated to a healthy and fit life. Easy availability of everything will be greatly missed.

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