How to use dryer sheets for other things

5 Ways to Use Dryer Sheets for a Cleaner Home

How to use dryer sheets for other things

how to use dryer sheets for other things

10 Totally Awesome Things To Do With Dryer Sheets

May 19,  · 5 Ways to Use Dryer Sheets for a Cleaner Home Freshen up your trash area. This trick also works for other household items, like plants with large leaves. Repel dust. Sick of dusting all the time? Dryer sheets can be your secret helper! Hand holding and put dryer sheet Clean your Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Feb 09,  · Use dryer sheets to dust your baseboards, crown molding, and cabinets. They pick up dust and then keep working to repel it for longer than just a dusting spray would! Campers, listen up. Tuck fresh dryer sheets into t ents and sleeping bags each time you roll .

You probably already know that fabric softener sheets work wonders for getting rid of staticky hair, but that's not all they're good for. Here are a few more reasons to add them to your cleaning arsenal:. Make your shower door sparkle. Skip the harsh chemicals — a damp, used dryer sheet removes hard water stains and soap scum just as well.

Prevent tangles in your thread. Jennifer at Mom vs The Boys suggests running your threaded needle through a dryer sheet before you begin stitching to avoid knots and frustration. Save a burnt pan. Drop the scouring pad and try this trick from Apartment Therapy instead: Fill the pan with warm water and lay a new dryer sheet flat on top to soak overnight. In the morning, the baked-on gunk will have either floated what is the green light or be loose enough to scrape off with a spatula.

Freshen up your gym gear — and everything else. Don't throw away your used dryer sheets! Stick them in shoesgym bags, luggage — even the bottom of trash cansto keep odors at bay. Polish your chrome. Jillee at One Good Thing gets a spotless shine by using a used dryer sheet to rub calcium deposits off her showerhead, faucets, and even her car. Remove dust. Try a used dryer sheet instead of a feather duster — their static absorbing qualities make them great for lifting dust off appliances, blinds, and everything in between.

Pick up spills. The same static absorbing qualities that make them great dusters make them perfect for picking up spilt powder. So no more panicking when you accidentally knock over that bag of flour. Wipe off fan blades. Fan blades accumulate dust like it's their job. A simple fix? Just dampen a used dryer sheet and rub it across the surface of the blade so that all particles cling to the sheet. Product Reviews.

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Uses for Dryer Sheets

Apr 18,  · You can use a dryer sheet to clean your iron. Set the iron temperature low and run it over the sheet until the iron is clean. Put a dryer sheet in your vacuum cleaner to freshen your carpet. Get pet hair off your clothes and upholstered furniture by rubbing a fresh dryer sheet over appvnstore.coted Reading Time: 5 mins. Sep 23,  · 9 Things You Didn't Know Dryer Sheets Can Do You probably have a sizable stack of folded dryer sheets stored in your laundry room for the next afternoon of Author: Carol Caffin. Oct 01,  · Heather Brown solves this laundry 4 News At 10 – September 30,

Bathroom fixtures in need of a quick shine before guests arrive? A used dryer sheet works wonders on faucets, shower heads, and other plumbing fixtures. Just moisten slightly with water, and rub the sheet over any chrome parts to remove cloudy soap build-up and calcium deposits and make these pieces sparkle.

To get rid of it, place a dryer sheet on your ironing board , set the iron to low, and run the iron over the sheet until the tacky buildup is gone. Once clean, your iron should now glide smoothly over your garments. Related: 9 Smart Hacks for Laundry Day. Don't get swept up in static cling. A swipe of dryer sheet under a skirt that bunches or over your clothes before you dig through a package stuffed with Styrofoam packing peanuts can save you from suffering the effects of static—and from a pile of pesky peanuts hugging your clothes well after you're done unpacking.

Ever try to cut a sheet of paper with dull scissors? Never worry about that again with this one-step upkeep.

Simply wipe the blades periodically with a used dryer sheet to clean and inadvertently prevent your shears from dulling over time. Then go ahead and snip away. Baked-on grease and grime is the bane of cooks everywhere.

Oven cleaners can be smelly and messy, and self-cleaning ovens warm up the entire house in the process. To clean your oven racks easily, rinse them off, then soak them overnight in a tub of warm water with a little dishwashing liquid and a handful of dryer sheets.

When you pull them out the next day, any remaining residue should wipe off easily. After a day at—or even a walk on—the beach, no matter how much you rinse, you always manage to track some sand home with you. Next time, try wiping not too hard the stuck grains off with a dryer sheet instead.

Your carpets will thank you for it. If you plan to be outdoors —whether gardening, hiking, or just picnicking in the park—consider slipping a dryer sheet in your back pocket. Research has shown that a couple of chemical compounds commonly found in the sheets linalool and beta-citronellol will deter the gnats and mosquitoes from hanging around, making this the next best thing to spray-on bug repellent.

The worst part of painting your walls is cleaning up, especially the brushes. To make it easier, fill a sink or basin with warm water, place the gunked-up brushes in the water, and add a dryer sheet. Soak for a few hours while you admire the fruits of your labor.

The remaining paint should come off in a snap. Swiffers are great, but frequent refills can be costly. To save money , try a used dryer sheet.

It does double duty by attracting dust like a magnet and imparting a subtle, fresh scent now that the sheet had been activated in the heat of the dryer.

No need to limit it to floors; it also works on bookshelves, blinds, and baseboards. Want a cleaner, tidier, more organized home? Sign up for the Clean Sweep newsletter to receive weekly tips, tools, and bright ideas that will help you maximize your next cleaning session.

Disclosure: BobVila. You agree that BobVila. All rights reserved. Green 9 Things You Didn't Know Dryer Sheets Can Do You probably have a sizable stack of folded dryer sheets stored in your laundry room for the next afternoon of chores, but you might not realize the potential these disposables have to help out all around the house.

Nearly a half-century since its creation, these fabric-softening sheets—both unused and reused—have proven handy in many more ways than one. Click through for nine reasons to hold onto your stash even after laundry day. By Carol Caffin. Related: 9 Smart Hacks for Laundry Day fotosearch. More From Bob Vila. Newsletter signup: You agree that BobVila.

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