How to change the ribbon on a zebra printer

Replace Ribbons and Labels

How to change the ribbon on a zebra printer

how to change the ribbon on a zebra printer

TOP 5 Common Issues With Zebra Thermal Printers and How To Fix

How Do I Change The Ribbon In My Zebra Printer 1. Remove the old ribbon. 2. Reuse the old core. Move it to the top take-up spot. 3. Install the new ribbon, unwinding from the bottom. 4. Pull the ribbon around the ribbon compartment and attach to the old core. 5. Use the wheel on the left side of the. Apr 26,  · Learn how to replace ribbon from Zebra Printer ZT/ZTMultiSystems offers a wide variety of maintenance service options to help you extend your equipmen.

Also See for ZD User manual - 48 pages. Table Of Contents. Quick Links Download this manual. Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Use this guide to install, change configuration, operate, and physically support these printers. Page 5: Document Conventions Run the setup. Page 8 Contents Ribbon Out Page 13 Cleaning the Printhead Page 15 Contents Possible Cause - ZBI allows you to create custom printer operations that can automate processes, use peripherals i.

Page Zebra Label Printing Solution The Zebra web site or your changge will be able to help you identify media for your desired use case.

See About section for links to one ribon these 5 basic Link-OS printer variations. Page Open The Printer Introduction Open the Printer To access the media compartment, pull the release latches towards you and lift the cover.

Check the media compartment for loose or damaged components. Yo is the same color as the dark gray parts adjacent to it. Backside of Printhead Ribbon drive transport drops down.

Page Identifying Platen What to do at genting highland Rollers Types The platen drive rollers are colored differently to identify the platen type and print resolution of your printer and the ribbin.

Do not exchange platen types unless instructed to by an upgrade procedure or Zebra technical support. The chagne will not operate correctly and may cause a variety of problems requiring maintenance.

Prijter options easily attach with screws and replace the power supply that was included with your printer. For more information on the Locking Printer This chwnge allows you to use your device to provide information for which you are prompted and then print a label using that information.

Page Install Hardware Options Install Hardware Options This section assists you installing common printer connectivity modules and media handling options. Push the circuit card in slowly but firmly until the card is just past the inside lip of the access door.

You should not remove and replace connectivity modules as a general practice. Remove the interface cable Ethernet or Serial. Remove the module access door.

You must observe static-safe procedures when working with the printhead or the electronic components. See Removing lrinter Standard Bezel. Place the label dispenser module and printer right side up with the top printef the module Never remove the cutter cover bezel. Open the printer and remove replace the standard platen roller with the Linerless platen roller.

The kits are for the following inner diameter I. Teh 52 Install Hardware Options Insert a screw in the bottom adapter mounting hole. Pinch the how to play mlb 2k9 tightly to the roll holder while tightening the screw.

Tighten the screw until there is no gap between the adapter and roll holder. Do not tighten beyond this point. Over tightening will strip the thread. The base is installed using Torx T10 wrench you supply and the mounting screws provided with the upgrade kit.

The direct that thermal printer models attach to the om with three 3 screws and thermal transfer printer x use four 4 screws. Page Controls And Indicators Controls and Indicators This section discusses the two user tue panel variations and their functionality.

The ZD-Series Desktop printers support two user interface options. Printer operating status is reported by five 5 icon indicator lights. It is also used to ribbob low-power sleep and wake states. The printer will complete printing a label that is printing before it pauses.

Page Lcd User Interface 1 6 8. The status indicators can flash blinkfade bright to offalternate between colors, or just remain on. Cartridge Authentication Failed The ribbon cartridge can not be authenticated or has been altered. The printer only supports Genuine Zebra Ribbon Cartridges and does not support refurbished or non-Zebra cartridges.

Page Status - Printhead Operation The printer is unable to read the printhead resolution type dpi. The printhead has been replaced incorrectly or with non-Zebra printhead. Unauthorized Printhead Error The printhead was replaced with one that is not a genuine Zebra printhead. Install a genuine Zebra printhead to continue. The light then flashes yellow while the printer is authenticating with the network. The printer is capable of displaying messages in multiple languages.

The printer automatically returns to the Idle Display after 15 seconds of inactivity in the Home menu. Page Printer How to change the ribbon on a zebra printer Menus Printer Configuration Menus This section presents the printer settings that you can change and identifies the tools for changing them. Slower print speeds typically yield better print quality. If you would like to purchase this option, contact your Zebra reseller for zebrx information. What are the team colors for the denver broncos Print Station For more information about using what activities can spread stds command or the SGD commands related to this feature, refer to how to put dimple in tie. You can download a copy of the manual from: Zebra Programming Guide www.

The battery is not available at the time of publication. The default prefix is the comma. The reflective ;rinter typically is used only for black mark media. The ribbom sensor typically is used for other media types. Page Label Sensor Description: Set the sensitivity of the label sensor.

This value is set during sensor calibration. Acceptable values: SGD command used: ezpl. Page Take Label Description: Set the intensity of the label taken sensor circuit. This value cannot be changed. SGD command used: bluetooth. Page Setup Setup This section assists you in setting up and operating your printer. This section covers the physical hardware setup needed to print your first label. Serious personal injury could result! Some processes ribbln setup or troubleshooting issues may ask you to remove power.

Page Getting Ready To Print Pprinter will help you identify any chnage and real application issues while using this guide. The printer does not come with media. The Zebra Web site or your reseller may be able to help you select the right media for your intended printing application.

Find media at: www. Open the printer. Pull the release latch levers toward the front of the printer. Open the media roll holders. Orient the media roll so that its printing surface will face up as it passes over the platen drive roller. Page Setup 3. Pull the media so that it extends out of the front of the printer. Push the media under both of printr media guides. Page Setup 5. Flip the media up and align the movable media sensor for your media type.

This also provides for use of some atypical media variations or irregularly shaped media. Close ribbno printer. Press down until the cover snaps closed.

You may need a calibrate your printer for the media. The printer includes meter ribbon adapters for non-Zebra ribbon rolls.

Printe older style ribbon cores and some Non-Zebra ribbons can be how to change the ribbon on a zebra printer by notches on only one side of the ribbon core.

These older cores are too large.

User Guide

Jul 15,  · How Do I Change The Ribbon In My Zebra Printer. 1. Remove the old ribbon. 2. Reuse the old core. Move it to the top take-up spot. 3. Install the new ribbon, unwinding from the bottom. 4. Pull the ribbon around the ribbon compartment and attach. How to Install and Configure zebra barcode printer Duration: Muhammed shafi Kandoth 5,, Instructions on how to change ribbon in the Zebra ZD desktop printer. Technical Support Go to Instructions on how to change ribbon in the Zebra ZD desktop printer. This website uses cookies to remember you and improve your experience. Jun 27,  · How to Change the Ribbon on a Zebra Printer Step 1 Turn the printer on before changing the ribbon. This allows the ribbon to synchronize correctly. Open the lid and Step 2 Lift up the print head carriage (the blue release arrow is attached to it) and remove the used ribbon by pulling Step.

Also See for ZT User manual - pages. Quick Links Download this manual. Table of Contents. ZT Series. Previous Page. Next Page. Page 2: Limitation Of Liability including, without limitation, consequential damages including loss of business profits, business interruption, or loss of business information arising out of the use of, the results of use of, or inability to use such product, even if Zebra Technologies has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. Have been shown to comply with the applicable technical standards of the FCC Operation is subject to the following two conditions: This device may not cause harmful interference, and This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

Page 6 Install Zebra Setup Utilities Page 9 Contents Indicator Lights Page About This Document About This Document This section provides you with contact information, document structure and organization, and additional reference documents. The information is presented in the form of exercises with some SGD commands listed for advanced users.

Page Introduction Introduction This section provides a high-level overview of the printer and its components. Contents Printer Options Page Communication Interfaces Introduction Communication Interfaces Communication Interfaces The available communication interface connectors are shown in Figure 3. Your printer may not have all of the connections shown here, and a ZebraNet wireless print server option may also be present on your printer. You may send label formats to the printer through any communication interface that is available on your printer.

The use of cable strain relief clamps is recommended. Ethernet cables do not require shielding, but all other data cables must be fully shielded and fitted with metal or metalized connector shells. Unshielded data cables may increase radiated emissions above the regulated limits. An optional color touch control panel is available for purchase. Because it functions differently, it is documented in a separate User Guide.

A wide range of paper, polypropylene, polyester, and vinyl stock has been specifically engineered to enhance the printing capabilities of the printer and to prevent premature printhead wear. Individual labels or tags are separated by Roll Media one or more of the following methods: Web media separates labels by gaps, holes, or notches. Page Ribbon Overview 7. This printer can only use ribbon that is coated on the outside unless you purchase and install the optional spindle that allows ribbon that is coated on the inside.

Contact your authorized Zebra reseller for ordering information. If you are unsure which side of a particular roll of ribbon is coated, perform an adhesive test or a ribbon scratch test to determine which side is coated. Page 25 An optional ribbon spindle is available to use ribbon that is coated on the inside. To verify this result, repeat the test on the other surface of the roll of ribbon. Page 26 An optional ribbon spindle is available to use ribbon that is coated on the inside.

If your problem cannot be solved by Zebra Global Customer Support, you may need to return your equipment for servicing and will be given specific directions. Page Ship The Printer Printer Setup and Operation Handling the Printer Ship the Printer Zebra is not responsible for any damages incurred during shipment if an approved shipping container is not used.

Shipping the units improperly can possibly void the warranty. The media path is the same for roll and fanfold media.

Page Load The Media You are not required to turn off the printer power when working near an open printhead, but Zebra recommends it as a precaution. If you turn off the power, you will lose all temporary settings, such as label formats, and you must reload them before you resume printing. Page 33 Printer Setup and Operation Load the Media Remove and discard any tags or labels that are torn or dirty or that are held by adhesives or tape.

Insert roll or fanfold media into the printer. Roll Media Place the roll of media on the media supply spindle. Push the roll as far back as it will go. Fanfold Media Fanfold media can be stored behind or under the printer.

For more information on print modes, see Select a Print Mode on page Allow the printhead to cool. From the media spindle , feed the media under the dancer assembly , through the Page 37 Printer Setup and Operation Load the Media—Tear-Off Mode Rotate the media guide adjustment knob as shown until the media guide just touches the edge of the media. Does the media that you are using require ribbon for printing?

If you are not sure, see When to Use Ribbon on page If using… Close the media door. Press to exit pause mode and enable printing. A core is not necessary for liner take-up. Remove and discard the labels from this exposed media, leaving just the liner. Remove the hook from the rewind spindle.

Rotate the rewind spindle several turns to tighten the liner and remove any slack. Reinstall the spindle hook over the liner. Insert the long end of the hook into the small hole on the guide plate. Open the printhead assembly by rotating the printhead-open lever upward. Page 48 Printer Setup and Operation Load the Media—Rewind Mode Rotate the media guide adjustment knob as shown until the media guide slides all the way out. Rotate the rewind spindle several turns to tighten the media and remove any slack.

Rotate the media guide adjustment knob as shown until the media guide just touches the edge of the media. For best results, calibrate the printer.

Do not touch or rub the blade with your fingers. Feed the media through the cutter. Page Load The Ribbon You are not required to turn off the printer power when working near an open printhead, but Zebra recommends it as a precaution. Place the roll of ribbon on the ribbon supply spindle with the loose end of the ribbon unrolling as shown. Page 60 Printer Setup and Operation Load the Ribbon Bring the ribbon under the printhead assembly and around its left side, as shown.

With the ribbon tracking as far back as it can under the printhead assembly, wrap the ribbon around the ribbon take-up spindle. Rotate the spindle several turns in the direction shown to tighten and align the ribbon. Continue with Load the Media on page 32 to load media in the printer. Rotate the printhead-open lever downward until it locks the printhead in place.

Page 64 Run the executable file. If your computer prompts you for permission to run the file, click the appropriate button to allow it to run. What the computer displays next depends on whether Zebra Setup Utilities was already installed. Follow the instructions based on what your computer prompts you to do. You are prompted to select a location for program shortcuts. Change the location, if desired, and then click Next.

You are prompted to complete the InstallAware wizard. You are prompted to choose the features that you would like to install. Click Next. Installation begins. During installation, you are presented with information about drivers. What the computer displays next depends on whether any Zebra printer drivers are already installed on your computer. Follow the instructions based on what your computer displays. If your computer Continue with Connecting the printer to a USB port on your computer on page The first time that you install the Zebra Setup Utilities program and printer drivers, you are prompted to follow the System Prepare Wizard.

Page 72 Complete the steps in this section only after the System Prepare Wizard prompts you to do so or after you have opened the Zebra Setup Utilities program. If necessary, complete the steps in Install Zebra Setup Utilities on page 62 before continuing. As the printer boots up, your computer completes the driver installation and recognizes your printer. The installation for the USB connection is complete.

The new printer wizard prompts you to begin the installation procedure. Click Finish. You are prompted to select an installation option. You are prompted to select a printer type. Select your printer model and resolution. The model and resolution are on a part number sticker on the printer, usually located below the media spindle. You are prompted to launch other setup wizards. Check the desired options, and then click Finish.

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