How to braid a lanyard for your knife

How to Make a Paracord Knife Lanyard

How to braid a lanyard for your knife

how to braid a lanyard for your knife

How to Make a Knife Lanyard

An intricately woven paracord lanyard to hold your keys or pocketknife. The "king cobra" design looks cool, and you'll always have 12 feet of super-strong paracord handy. There are loads of ways of braiding lanyards. My favorite, the one I'll show you how to do on this page, is an elegant design created by Stormdrane. He already has a nice. Jun 18,  · The hole in your knife and the paracord that is in your lanyard can help in securely attaching your knife to a thick branch, thereby turning your knife into an extended cutting tool or a hunting spear. Types of Paracord Lanyard Patterns. There are many different paracord knot styles that you can use to make your knife lanyard.

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Are you sure you want to Yes No. Be how to braid a lanyard for your knife first to like vor. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. No notes for slide. Braided leather-knife-lanyard-2 1. Part one will consist of a pictorial and instructions for the basic Kangaroo leather braided knife lanyard, and Part 2will demonstrate the semi-decorative cover knots.

A fully functional and nice looking lanyard can be done following the directions in Part one only. Copyright c Outdoors-Magazine. Braided Leather Knife Lanyard 2 Tailed, Part 1This lanyard is a fairly easy project that both looks good on a sheath knife and is functional.

Semi-fancy cover knots are alsoincluded but are optional in this design. A lanyard like this both assists in removal of the knife from a deep pouch sheath and can beused as an extra measure of security when carrying the knife. If the tails of the lanyard aretucked under your belt the knife has less likelyhood of falling from the sheath. First here is a view of the finished project.

Part 1 of this tutorial will not cover flr addition of the black cover knots,but only make the tan how to hack money on steam of this lanyard.

The tan portion is a lanyars functional lanyard and the cover knots aremostly decorative. Part 2 will complete the lanyard. The most important item is hos course, the leather. Any leatherlace or other materials can be used. This is expensive material but is of exceptional quality.

Lessexpensive machine cut lace could also have been used which is also available from David Morgan see resources. Depending on the size of the knife, the diameter of the lanyard hole etc various products can be used for knifelanyards. I find this lace to be nearly ideal for most applications. Kangaroo lace is consistently strong, easy to braid,looks good and lasts for a long time.

The total length of this lanyard for this knife is 10inches. I generally use twice the total length of the project plus a how to braid a lanyard for your knife inches of lace to start.

This gives a generousbit of leather to work with to allow easy efficient braiding. So, for this project, I cut four 24 how to write a leave letter to teacher strings. You want the strings slippery to braid, but eventually to dry. As you grease the strings, stretch them well, looking for thin or weak spots. Allow them to dry a bit as you get set upfor braiding. I generally roll them around my hand and lay on top of some how to connect pvc pipes on the back of my monitor.

Themonitor heat distributes the grease nicely. Here is my setup for braiding. I use a cedar board clamped to the desk to allow me to use my awls and clamps tohold the project layard braiding.

Fot StartedFind the middle of the 4 strings. Clamp them with the flesh side up about 2 inches back from the true middle. Weare going to braid starting at the center of the string and eventually want this section layard span the true middle of theset.

Start braiding by bringing the outer string on the right behind theinner string on the left side. The flesh side should be turned so it is out on the backside. You are going to braidunder one string over one stringalternating sides. This is called 4-plait braiding. First PassNow the second string, from the left side behind the inner string on the right, under the outer string over the innerstring.

Third PassMake sure you get started correctly, then tighten this beginning passes up. A gentle pull on each of the four stringsshould tighten knofe up nicely, if not use the blunt awl to pick the strings up and pull. Well greased strings slideinto place with a firm tug. Careful not too jour, just snug and firm. Continue on. I needed about 2 inches of this round braid to span this width.

Enough of this round braidNow thread the braid though the lanyard hole of the knife. Threaded 4-plaitThis is the move that makes or breaks this lanyard.

Crux Move, join to 8-plaitFirst even up both sides of the 4-plait braid. Make sure everything is tight and even. Twist both sides so the fleshside is up and begin crossing the inner strings. This is a single diamond braid transition, but will rapidly how to set java path in windows server 2008 into 8-plait4-seam work.

It is a bit denser with 8 stringsthan single diamond work which is why we are going to go to that. Once you are set like the image, bring the left outer string behind the project, and go under the outer two strings onthe right.

First step of join, from left stringThen do the other side. Keep things loose until you get it set right. Snug this upNow do one more pass on each side then work this join up nice and tight. You may need to use an awl but againwell greased strings will snug with a firm tug on each of the strings in series.

Make sure this looks good on both thefront and back before proceeding. Braided Leather Knife Lanyard 2 Tailed, Part 1Continue 8-plaitContinue with the 8-plait 4-seam work until you have a good "handle" on this braid. Finish 8-plait braidWhen the knife is withdrawn from the sheath the hand naturally falls on this larger diameter section.

Make it longenough but not too long. Going back to 4-plait round braid. Clamp off one side of the braid andbegin the bifurcation. Braid will start just as it did from the middled strings above.

Start braid on one tailBraid a few rounds on one side. Start braid on other tailThen go back and braid a bit on the other side. Take time to make the bifurcation look good, again by firming upeach side with an awl or firm tugs on the strings. Braided Leather Knife Lanyard 2 Tailed, Oyur 1Carry on with one tailOnce both sides are splitting off nicely, finish braiding one tail. Add loose wall knot at the endAdd a loose wall knot to the first tail.

Each string is flopped over its neighbor in the classic lanyard braid knot thatmost Girl Scouts know by heart. Crown and Wall the endAdd a crown to this knot also.

Paracord Lanyard Materials

How to Make a Paracord Knife Lanyard Here is a video by CutleryLover that shows you how to make this excellent paracord knife lanyard. It only took me a few minutes to make the one in the picture above and not only does it look great, but it will also assist you in . Oct 06,  · Braid Paracord Lanyard. With so many colorful paracords available, you can create an outstanding paracord survival lanyard that is highly functional in an emergency situation. Paracord Knife Lanyard. Paracord Lanyard Accessory. A cobra-stitch paracord lanyard with a buckle tied to the end using paracord. Paracord Neck Lanyard. Sep 02,  · If you want to make a lanyard using just cobra stitching, you may only need about 6–8 feet of paracord. However, if you want to make a king cobra stitched lanyard, you may need about 67%(93).

Paracord lanyards are used for a variety of useful survival tools. When you have a paracord knife lanyard you can use that piece of cordage to convert your knife into a spear, or a make-shift axe-tool or a machete.

When you use it regularly, you will find that attaching a lanyard to your knife provides a variety of safety benefits. A lanyard allows you to attach your knife to virtually anything. You can attach it to your bug out bag, keychain, water bottle, or whatever you want. Keeping cordage attached to your main tool is yet another fantastic survival tactic to integrate para-cord into your EDC.

The design is made using black and gecko paracord you can use other types of cordage. A knife lanyard is a great survival tool when out camping or hinting. Make this knife lanyard using paracords of 2 colors. Adding a neon or reflective paracord makes it look appealing.

Weaving a simple paracord lanyard for your knife is a quick paracord project. Learn how to braid and tie a diamond knot to make a useful accessory for your tools. There are a number of different ways to tie a knife lanyard. Some patterns are more creative and fashionable than actually useful. The tutorials will show you three different ways on how to tie basic knife lanyards using paracord parachute cord. I liked this clean lanyard pattern made using blue camo paracord.

The design is minimalistic using a cobra knot and attaching a small hook or carabiner at the end makes it easy to carry and use! This tutorial is an example of making an adjustable wrist knife lanyard, using a couple of Celtic Button Knots and a Scaffold Knot. Celtic Button Knots are tied on opposite sides of the loop before the cords go through the center of them! Learn how to tie a paracord snake knot and make useful and amazing lanyards for your knife.

A snake knot is relatively easy to make and is ideal if you are looking for a decorative lanyard for your knife to make a style statement. Clip it tp your pockets or bags and go stylish!

A simple tutorial by Stormdrane explaining how to tie a Gaucho knot with gutted paracord and make cool lanyards for your EDC pocket knife. You can add beads or skulls to the lanyard to give it a quirky look. Learn how to make a Schmuckatelli Beaded Paracord Lanyard! Adding skulls or beads of different shapes and size adds a decorative charm to your tool and makes it handy to carry.

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